How we remove any guessing from the equation when it comes to Amazon PPC:

  • We help you set realistic goals.

  • We establish a clear strategy that aligns with your unique business needs.

  • We immediately aim to increase your ROI and decrease your advertising cost of sales (ACoS).

What Are Amazon Sponsored Products Ads?

We start with keyword research and Amazon listing optimisation,  then move on to advertising. Sponsored products is a cost-per-click (CPC) advertising option.


With Amazon CPC, you will only pay when a shopper clicks your ad. You control how much you spend by setting your budget and choosing how much to bid per click.

Amazon sponsored products ads show up where customers will see them, both on the first page of search results and on product pages. This puts you directly beside competitors, emphasising the importance of well-optimised product descriptions and images and a good pricing strategy.

Within our Amazon sponsored products management, there are automatic and manual ad campaigns. Within automatic and manual campaigns, there are both keyword-based ads and product attribution targets.


In the beginning of our Amazon advertising services, we’ll set you up with an automatic sponsored ad campaign. We then can use those results to determine how we make adjustments with a manual ad campaign.


We use our experience, tools and tried-and-true tactics to ensure you get the most ROI.

Tracking Your Progress​

Following a successful Amazon sponsored products campaign is a crucial step for any successful Amazon seller. It's one of the most important steps in determining whether you thrive or not on Amazon.

We'll provide you with a complete picture of how we’ll execute your successful advertising campaign.

We also make calculated adjustments month to month to ensure we maximise ROI. Weekly and monthly reports are sent to you to keep you regularly up-to-date.


Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads

Drive awareness and discovery of your brand and product portfolio with customisable ads that appear in Amazon shopping results.

Sponsored Brands are cost-per-click (CPC) ads that feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and multiple products.

We advise against a new company on Amazon using sponsored brands ads immediately. However, over time, you will need to use Amazon branded advertising (especially prior to the holidays) to help customers get more familiar with your offerings and promote product loyalty.

A more established brand might use Sponsored Brands to stay top of mind with shoppers and increase brand loyalty.

The timing and execution of Amazon Sponsored Brands ads can make the difference in turning a one-time customer into a lifelong consumer of your products.

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

An advertising solution that helps you grow your business and brand on Amazon by engaging shoppers across the purchase journey, on and off Amazon.

Sponsored Display ads are a great complement for advertisers who are already using display advertising.

Reach relevant audiences who are browsing, discovering, or purchasing products on or off Amazon. Ads may appear on the Amazon home page, product detail pages, or shopping results pages as well as third-party websites and apps.


Sponsored Display ads are purchased on a CPC (cost-per-click) basis. There is no minimum ad investment required. You choose your daily bid and budget. Bids automatically adjust based on likelihood of conversion.

Amazon Vendor Central Management

If you’re a 1P, first-party seller selling directly to Amazon you are leveraging the Vendor Central interface. As a brand or manufacturer that works with Amazon as a retail vendor, you’re focused on getting your products in front of your target customers.

At Lucid, our Vendor Central Management Services provide strategic insight and actionable steps to improve your sales on Amazon. We provide detailed reporting and analytics capabilities to help you maximise your performance on the platform.


Amazon SEO & Content Optimisation

Our team uses advertising and competitor data to identify keywords most relevant to products in your catalog to drive the most relevant traffic to your listings.


Using enhanced content on your listings will lead to better conversion rates and perpetuate growth on the Amazon. Our process involves:

  • Assist in the brand registry process

  • Keyword, category and product research

  • Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) content writing and design

  • Amazon storefront creation

Amazon Advertising

Our team of experienced Amazon advertisers will develop, implement and continuously optimise your Amazon Sponsored Ads to achieve long-term gains and sustainable growth. 


We couple our advertising with a promotional strategy to improve visibility and conversions on your catalog. Our process involves:

  • Launch automatic and manual sponsored product campaigns

  • Harvest keywords from advertising reports and incorporate them into existing campaigns

  • Leverage category and product targeting ads to target competitor products and relevant categories

  • Launch Sponsored Brand ads to showcase brand and catalog

  • Routine reporting with regular forecast setting accountability targets


Should I sell my products on Amazon?

Amazon is obviously a noteworthy platform on which to sell your products. It could potentially help you drive traffic and reach a wide audience of consumers specifically searching for what you can offer. However, competition, fees, and limited communication could make it a difficult platform for certain businesses. We can’t say for sure that it is the best fit for your brand or individual products without further evaluation. Contact us today and our team will help you answer this question.

What is Amazon Vendor Central?

Amazon Vendor Central is the web interface used by manufacturers and distributors who act as suppliers selling directly to Amazon. If you are on Vendor Central, you are known as a first-party seller. Registration on Vendor Central is by invitation only.

What is Amazon Seller Central?

Amazon Seller Central is the easiest way for business owners to get started on Amazon. Business owners using Amazon Seller Central are considered third-party sellers. A few of the benefits of using Amazon Seller Central include: - Reach a large customer base. - Access Amazon advertising. - Access Amazon Pay. - Use Fulfillment by Amazon. - Enter International Markets.

How does Amazon’s algorithm work?

Amazon’s algorithm, known as A9, influences where your products appear for specific keywords or phrases on the Amazon search results page. Unfortunately, the algorithmic factors are not explicitly defined by Amazon. However, the A9 algorithm seems to rank specific products based on a number of direct and indirect factors. In general, sales performance history, text match relevancy, price, and product availability seem to most directly impact your product’s ranking. Although your fulfillment method, product reviews, and images, the use of EBC, advertising, and promotions seem to have an indirect impact as well.

Why should I invest in Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC enables you to reach shoppers as they search for the products that you sell. Amazon PPC helps you boost the visibility of your products, thereby increasing the chances of getting more sales.