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PPC & Paid Social Ads for D2C Ecommerce Brands.
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Custom, continuously refined strategy built for your business.

The Time To Re-evaluate Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy Is Now.

Around 65% of small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) are investing in PPC advertising.

Your company needs a smart, competitive strategy — especially when it comes to the ecommerce sector. It's not easy with limited internal time, resources, and team members.

We're ready to become your newest team member.

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What do our Ecommerce PPC Services include?

Here's an overview of how our eCommerce Management Services work...


We'll take a customised approach to creating a strategy that's right for your business.

We research your business, industry, and competitors, plus ask questions about your brand, audience, and goals.


 Then, we'll outline and compile your eCommerce PPC strategy.

The strategy includes targeting, like keywords and audiences, as well as ad groups, landing pages, ad copy, and more.


 Once you review and approve your ad creatives, we launch your campaign.

We'll monitor its performance, making tweaks to improve its click-through rate, conversions, and return on ad spend.


Each month, we'll generate an easy-to-follow report for your team.

Your dedicated account manager reviews your report with you, answering your questions and providing your team with a suggested roadmap for the upcoming month.


Using your past campaign data, your dedicated account manager implements updates to your ads to boost their performance and provide your team with even better results, like more website traffic, and sales.

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Human Powered.

A comprehensive approach to delivering results.

PPC Campaigns Built for your Business.

No two clients are the same. Your PPC strategies will be tailored to your business needs and goals for the best chance of success.

We won't punish you for your success.

Other PPC management agencies charge fees as a percentage of your ad spend. We don’t believe in punishing your business’s success.


We’re committed to fair pricing and charge based on our strategists’ level of work, not your campaign budget.

You won't be our Client, we'll be part of your team.

We get to know your business on a personal level, and that knowledge carries through in to our work. When there’s trust between you and your strategist, there’s an open door of ideas — and your campaigns will thrive!

The more engaged you are with our team, the better results we’ll generate together.

1. Increase Qualified Traffic

PPC can start driving relevant, targeted traffic to your website the minute your ads go live.

PPC targets people searching for your products online. In comparison, traditional advertising strategies target everyone and anyone, which means you’re paying for people outside your target audience to see your ads.

With the targeting options that come with ecommerce PPC ads, you can attract more qualified leads or people who are interested in purchasing your products. It’s a smart strategy for any ecommerce company, whether you’re big or small.

We create custom strategies for your company based on your goals, industry, audience, and products. This kind of plan always outperforms the cookie-cutter approaches that other PPC campaign management services will take.


2. A Cost-Effective Advertising Option

With ecommerce PPC, you have control over how you spend your money.

When launching a pay-per-click campaign, you specify your monthly ad spend, your budget for specific ad groups, and your bids for different keywords. It’s an immense amount of freedom and contributes to the cost-effectiveness of PPC.

The fact that our ecommerce PPC management services include strategic bid management helps amplify this benefit. We help your company optimise your monthly ad spend by ensuring your campaigns maintain cost-effective bids throughout the month.


3. Create Hyper-Targeted Ads

Ecommerce PPC features a significant number of targeting options.


This makes it one of the best online advertising strategies available. With the various targeting options available, your we can make hyper-targeted, revenue-driving campaigns for you.

A few examples of the custom targeting options available in Google Ads include:

  • Location

  • Demographics

  • Device

  • Interests

  • Behavior

  • Topics

With our ecommerce PPC management plans, you can take full advantage of these targeting options. We'll research your shoppers to develop a broad audience first and then narrow it over time by using your campaign data.

This kind of approach provides you with a data-backed strategy versus one based on guesses.


4. Generate More Brand Awareness

PPC is also a great way to boost awareness of your ecommerce store.

While brand awareness isn’t a core focus for most ecommerce companies, it’s a worthwhile goal. When you dedicate some of your ad strategy to brand awareness, you can capture future market share by focusing on users in earlier stages of the digital marketing buying funnel.

With brand awareness campaigns, you often target keywords and phrases related to your business, as well as competitors. For example, you may target a competing brand name to make users aware of your company as an alternative option.

As your ecommerce PPC management partner, our agency will help you maximize brand awareness.


5. Use a Measurable Ad Strategy

With ecommerce PPC, it’s also incredibly easy to track and measure the success of your campaigns.

Your dedicated account manager will also look for trends in your campaigns, which they’ll show your team during your monthly consultation. If you want to check for patterns too, you can always log in to your Ads account.

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