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5 Reasons your business needs Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is essential for the health and security of your organisation's systems and infrastructure.

What is a Penetration Test?

Penetration tests (or pen tests, in short) are simulated attacks in a controlled environment carried out by third-party security specialists who employ the same techniques as attackers located outside your infrastructure.

The test will reveal if your servers or applications will resist hostile attacks and if the identified vulnerabilities can lead to further intrusion and exploitation.

5 Reasons why businesses need Penetration Testing:

1. Enable regulatory compliance and avoid fines

Pen testing is mandated by many industry-specific regulations. These regulations are formulated by major security standards, including HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, ISO 27001, GDPR and others.

These regulations require organisations to conduct penetration testing and security audits on a regular basis. One such regulatory standards, PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security), directs organisations that deal with loaded transactions to perform annual as well as regular penetration testing after every significant system change.

In many cases, companies risk fines for noncompliance with these regulations.

2. Uncover vulnerabilities before cybercriminals exploit them

Pen testing is used to evaluate the current status of an organisation’s existing security controls and measures. A simple vulnerability assessment using technical tools is not enough to test systems against all the possible options of exploitation that malicious hackers have.

Pen testers search for vulnerabilities generated because of unprotected codes from applications or software, improper security settings, configuration errors, and other functioning related shortcomings.

This test helps your business identify and patch the loopholes present before they can be utilised by hackers.

3. Learning opportunity for your team

Penetration tests can train your security team on how to better detect and respond to threats. It's an opportunities for your team to understand the techniques and tactics used by hackers to penetrate your systems.

Your team will learn about the latest tools and exactly how networks are exploited by a threat actor.

4. Prioritises your vulnerabilities

Your pen testing team will categorise vulnerabilities by the risk each poses to your business. These vulnerabilities are categorised into low, medium, and high risk and a timeline assigned to address each of these areas.

You can then prioritise which vulnerabilities to fix first and which ones will take the most time and resources for the organisation.

5. Strengthen customer trust and loyalty

Every security incident, especially when customer data is compromised, leads to a negative impact on product/services sales, a tarnished organisation image, and loss of customer trust.

Penetration testing helps your business to keep its brand value and customer trust intact by reassuring your customers that their data is protected.


When it comes to your data, your networks, your business and your people, one thing matters most:  real-world security. 

The value you gain from a penetration test is largely dependent on your choices in who you trust as a partner, what degree of freedom you entrust them to operate within, and how they cater their reporting to your organisation’s needs. 

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