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5 Things All Amazon Sellers Should Know

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We live in a highly digitalised world, where people are always on the move and prefer shopping online. If you want to connect with existing and potential customers, you need to be where they are - on Amazon. However, competition on this platform is fierce. Being noticed is all about having a solid and effective search engine optimisation strategy.

This is where we at Lucid come in. We offer tailored Amazon SEO Services that will help you increase your product sales on Amazon. This platform has a broad reach, and you can use it as a vehicle to get word of your products out there. However, you must keep some fundamental aspects in view while creating your Amazon SEO strategy.

Five Things All Amazon Sellers Should Know

1. Amazon Has a Unique Search Engine

This search engine is unlike the Bing or Google search engines, and it gives more weight to factors like:

  • Availability

  • Pricing

  • Sales history

  • Click-through rate

  • Conversion rate

Since Amazon prioritises these factors, you need to price your products correctly, ensure adequate stock and optimise them for conversion.

2. Targeting the Appropriate Keywords

This is a crucial aspect of selling on Amazon. Your main goal as a seller should be to show the site that you have the most relevant products for various search terms. You can achieve this by using tools like the Google keyword planner and target the right keywords. The other option is to hire digital marketing professionals that offer Amazon SEO Services.

3. Include Images

Add professional photographs to all your listings as it can improve your Amazon rankings significantly. Highly optimised images will result in the most clicks, so always post appealing, professional, and relevant photos.

4. It’s Crucial to have Good Reviews and Sales

Ranking well on this e-commerce website is a lot about the sales you make, and next in line are customer reviews. Use Amazon PPC to boost both these aspects, especially if you are a new seller and have fewer sales and few/no reviews. Include Facebook/Instagram Ads in your marketing mix to drive traffic to your listings on Amazon.

5. Never Indulge in Black Hat SEO

Many sellers on Amazon find that improving their rankings on the site is no child's play. They ultimately resort to dishonest methods such as buying reviews or stuffing keywords in their listings, which can be a big mistake. Amazon frowns upon such techniques of improving rankings and will either shut down or suspend your account if they find that you have been using black hat SEO techniques to increase your visibility on the site.

As mentioned earlier, your presence on this e-commerce website depends on how well you plan your marketing strategy and optimise your listings. It’s best to opt for our professional Amazon SEO services. Our team will use the right techniques, ensuring that you are noticed and get a higher ranking on Amazon; this will help increase conversions and your bottom line.

For more information, please book a discovery call to Lucid via this page. One of our Amazon SEO services’ experts will get in touch with you within one business day.